Famous individuals

    Walk in the footsteps of famous individuals

    All our towns and cities are associated with figures whose fame has spread throughout Germany, Europe and even the world. Themed guided tours are a great way to deepen your knowledge - you can visit sites where history was made, look round fascinating exhibitions, listen to entertaining anecdotes and pick up some real insider's tips.

    Weimar is synonymous with Goethe, Schiller, Nietzsche, Wieland and Herder. Jena with Hegel, Schlegel, Abbe, Schott and Zeiss. Erfurt, Eisenach and Schmalkalden with Martin Luther, the great reformer. Mühlhausen with Thomas Müntzer, the theologian, and Johann A. Roebling, who designed the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Gera with Otto Dix, the artist, and Van de Velde, the architect. Musicians such as Schütz, Strauss, Reger, Brahms, Liszt and Wagner worked in Sondershausen, Meiningen, Weimar and Eisenach, and Johann Sebastian Bach worked in Arnstadt, Eisenach and Mühlhausen. Richard Wagner was Kapellmeister in Rudolstadt. In Meiningen Ludwig Bechstein wrote many of Germany's most delightful fairytales and Rudolf Baumbach wrote the German folk song "Hoch auf dem gelben Wagen". Gotha is where Conrad Ekhof founded Germany's first theatre with its own permanent troupe. Erfurt is where Adam Ries wrote the first book about arithmetic, and Eisenach is where Elisabeth, now a European saint, once devoted her life to helping the poor.