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Mühlhausen - town of spires

Mühlhausen developed from a 10th century imperial palace into a flourishing imperial and Hanseatic town. Today, the townscape is still characterised by the town wall, eleven Gothic churches, the town hall and many other timber-framed and stone houses. When radical Reformer Thomas Müntzer preached here in 1524-1525, Mühlhausen became a focal point of the Reformation and the Peasants' War. From the 16th century onwards, writers and composers – most notably Johann Sebastian Bach – earned the town a reputation as a centre of Protestant church music.

Highlights/Places of interest

Historical fortifications

The town wall with its sturdy towers is 2,750 metres long and was built in the 13th century. From the inner Frauentor gate, it is possible to walk along the fortifications for 330 metres.

Church of St. Mary – Müntzer memorial

After Erfurt Cathedral, this is the second-largest hall church in Thuringia. It houses an exhibition on the life and work of the radical church reformer, Thomas Müntzer.

Corn Market Church – Peasants' War Museum

The Corn Market Church houses an exhibition illustrating the course of the German Peasants' War, including its key events and aftermath, within the context of the era and German history in general.

Town Hall

The town hall is located at the heart of Mühlhausen's old quarter. The main part of the building dates from around 1300. Since then, it has undergone many additions and is now a unique fusion of Gothic, Renaissance and baroque architecture.


The synagogue was built from 1841 to1842. Today it serves as a meeting place and has exhibition rooms and a library.

All Saints' Church

The church is now a museum gallery, featuring collections of Thuringian art from the museums in Mühlhausen as well as special exhibitions of contemporary art.

Popperode well-house

One of the loveliest festivals in Mühlhausen is the Well Festival which takes place every June at Popperode well-house. Children make their way to the well bearing pretty floral decorations to give thanks for the spring's waters.

Museum am Lindenbühl

The museum of municipal and regional history offers a uniquely fascinating representation of Mühlhausen's past as a free imperial town. There are also permanent exhibitions on natural history, as well as on prehistoric and early historic times.

Synagoge Mühlhausen
Synagoge Mühlhausen


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