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Nordhausen, the 1000 year old town, is the thuringian gateway to the Harz Mountains. The new town center, the marvelous surroundings with the unique plaster karst country, the wide range of leisure activities, the variety of arts and culture give the town a very special charm. Also fun and adventure doesn’t come too short. The visitors can dare to go by steaming locomotives up a curvy track to the top of the Brocken, they can spoil their palate with sampling "Echtem Doppelkorn", they can climb in the high-wire garden or admire the imposing Roland statue.

Highlights/Places of interest


The symbol of the town is situated at the southwest corner of the city hall, which was built as of a renaissance building from 1608 to 1610. The statue symbolizes the imperial freedom of Nordhausen in the years 1220 to 1802.

Harzer Schmalspurbahn

In Nordhausen, the Harzer Schmalspur Bahn (a traditional coal train) begins its curvy journey to the top of the Brocken; which is the highest mountain in the Harz Mountains.

Kunsthaus Meyenburg

The "Kunsthaus Meyenburg" in Nordhausen is a center of arts and culture in northern Thuringia and the Harz Mountains. The alternation between regional and national significant special exhibitions is achieving more and more attention. The exhibitions of well known artists, for example Barlach, Hundertwasser or Dalí, which are shown as retrospectives, attract not only.

Museum „Tabakspeicher“

In the former tobacco warehouse from the 18th century, are now shown exhibitions about trade, industry and archeology in Nordhausen. Inter-active areas such as, the telecommunications engineering or the historic cinema room, invite the visitors to get active themselves.


In the last traditional and lovingly restored distillery in Nordhausen. The visitors get a through tour to know the history and technology of the grain distillery. Subsequent to the tour is a tasting of homemade products, which are available in the new adventure shop.

KZ-Gedenkstätte „Mittelbau-Dora“

The "wonder weapons" V1 and V2, as they were propagated by Goebbels, were built in the underground tunnel system from 1944. In the course of this, about 20,000 concentration camp prisoners lost their lives. The memorial contains the area of the former concentration camp, remaining buildings, a museum building and also parts of the tunnel system.


To the wide repertory belong operas, operettas, plays, ballets, symphonies, concerts also cabarets and musicals. With great importance is the development of the Children and Youth Theater with their special performances.

Dom „Zum Heiligen Kreuz“

This cathedral is one of the oldest buildings in the town. Especially the gothic nave with its Romanesque crypt (from about 1300) as well as the in wood carved choir stalls (from about 1400) with the founder’s figures are worth seeing.

Blasi Kirche

The "Blasii Kirche" is the biggest protestant church in town and got mentioned in a document for the first time in 1234. Especially worth seeing is the epitaph by Lucas Cranach d. J., the pulpit with the founder figures and the storytelling choir windows.


Aside from the reptile house with snakes, spiders, scorpions, lizards, frogs and crocodiles is a huge outdoor enclosure with raccoons, coatis, monkeys, meerkat, porcupines and many other animals. A petting zoo and a big adventure playground complete the offer.


On top of the Petersberg, the former area of the national garden show, is the 62 meter high Petri- Turm situated. Visitors have the possibility to climb to the top of the tower. It is a dominating feature of the townscape and a sign to the town center.


The Zwinger was originally a tower which was 19 meters in diameter and had walls 2.5 meters thick. This tower was part of the former town fortification and had 5 big embrasures, which allowed the soldiers inside to shoot at enemies that were attempting to cross the moats surrounding the fortifications.

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